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How did Celestial Healing come about?

In the 1990s, health educator and writer Virginia Aronson was diagnosed with cancer of the thyroid. The new mother and former nutritionist for the Harvard School of Public Health was stunned. But instead of following the recommended protocol for cancer treatment, Virginia accidentally discovered celestial healing. To her surprise, her health crisis led her to a realm of alternative care far beyond the mainstream.

Virginia was on track for surgery, radiation, hormone therapy and standard cancer care. But, after a chance meeting with a very unusual healer, Virginia discovered a completely different path to health--an otherworldly path. Along the way, she met some unique and talented healers and learned about healing energies of a celestial nature. She soon found herself looking at life differently. She was cancer-free. And she found that she was not alone in her alternative healing experience.

On the road to recovery, Virginia researched medical healings associated with UFOs or celestial beings. Documentation revealed that ordinary, everyday folks the world over--from housewives and students to professors, politicians and PhDs--have had out-of-the-ordinary encounters followed by physical healing. Throughout history, people the world over have told stories of healing encounters with inexplicable entities, gods and angels, aliens and unworldly beings. Nobody could explain it, and many "experiencers" chose never to talk about their healing experiences for fear of being ridiculed.

Over a period of several years, Virginia was able to gather dozens of compelling accounts of individuals who experienced firsthand the positive forces of otherworldly beings or energies. These inspirational stories were published in the book Celestial Healing: Close Encounters that Cure. The mass market paperback was released by Penguin in December 1999.

Despite a modest printing and virtually no advertising for the book, Virginia received hundreds of emails. Readers around the world translated the book into other languages, and versions were released in Japan and Brazil. People from all over the globe responded to the strange and haunting stories in the book, asking the author for more information or providing similar stories of their own. Everyone seemed grateful for the opportunity to learn more and talk openly about the secret phenomenon of celestial healing.

Why a celestial healing website?

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More than a decade has passed since Celestial Healing was published. Virginia Aronson is alive and well, and she remains healthy and cancer-free. This website has been created in response to her curiosity and that of her readers. People want to know what has happened to all of the healers and the experiencers who told their stories in the book.

If you were one of the participants in the Celestial Healing project, please contact Virginia (see the Contact Us page). She is attempting to get in touch with the participants who shared their stories in the book so that they might provide updates for this website. She hopes to answer the following questions:

This website is for anyone interested in celestial healing, the inexplicable medical phenomenon. This site serves as a safe place where anyone who is curious about the topic can come to read about healing encounters with otherworldly energies. This site is a place where you can share your own healing experiences. A place where you may choose to tell all, or simply read about what has happened to others.

What does celestial healing mean?

Virginia Aronson coined the term "celestial healing" during her research into the phenomenon after experiencers told her they did not have an acceptable phrase to describe their experiences. Each person's healing experiences are unique, and their stories reflect this. However, the majority of experiencers share two attributes: a positive regard for the force or entity that they believe healed them; and a desire to tell their experiences to an accepting community.

Many of the people interviewed for the book told Virginia that they found the use of terms such as "extraterrestrial" or "alien" to be insulting to the healing experience, and an immediate turnoff to their non-believing friends and family. A more positive term was required to describe what experiencers regard as a healing experience with inexplicable energies.

The celestial healing phenomenon is a potentially rich source of information about our physical bodies and our spiritual selves, and about our role in the universe as healthy beings. But we must be ready to acknowledge that we don't really understand how nature works, and that we are not privy to many of nature's secrets. After all, we have yet to fully understand the mechanisms for sleep and consciousness, pain and healing. Nor do we know the full power of our own self-healing forces, our inner natures and recuperative abilities.

As a secular society and a science-worshipping culture, we are in denial regarding the existence of a fundamental healing force. We need to tap into this healing source, rather than dulling our pain with pharmaceuticals and ideologies masquerading as medical facts.

What really creates healing? The stories included in Celestial Healing and on this site bring all our modern medical practices into question. Such inexplicable healing events force us to consider the idea that life on earth involves much more mystery than we have been led to believe. This type of mysterious experience should stretch our minds to encompass a larger, more cosmic worldview, allowing us to pass through the psychological boundaries that we create with our fears. As our minds open wider, we are able to get a glimpse of a far more intelligent reality than the three dimensional world we have been taught to believe in.

Celestial healing may be the most fascinating and inexplicable example of psychosomatic cure, comparable to spontaneous remission. A psychosomatic process involves the utilization of one's own inner psychospiritual forces to alter the function and integrity of the physical body. Thus, whether or not celestial healing can ever be proven to be "real," the experience itself is certainly worthy of our attention.

If it is indeed true, that is, hundreds or even thousands of people have been healed of medical conditions by extraterrestrial or extradimensional forces, this realization would be world-shattering in its effect on science and medicine, as well as on every other aspect of our civilization today. Our minds would be blown by the knowledge that something else out there is capable of and willing to heal us.

But even if celestial healing is not literally true, that means all those individuals who have been healed are creating their experiences in their own minds. If this is so, the phenomenon must still be seen as highly remarkable. What does this ability say for the human potential for self-healing through a simple belief in a more intelligent healing force? What does it tell us about our own potential for healing ourselves?

That people believe they are healed of a medical condition is a kind of clinical validity in itself. Presented first in the book and now on this website, the case histories and personal accounts of what Virginia calls celestial healings are not scientific proof of anything. But the case studies of people who have experienced something strange, something other-than-the-norm, something otherworldly that they believe healed them, certainly point to an area of medical science in need of further study. And celestial healing as a historical and contemporary phenomenon makes for some very interesting reading.

Ultimately, it is left up to each of us to make our own conclusions on the subject. But first, you might want to read through the fascinating accounts provided by celestial healing experiencers on the Healings page. And you may choose to read the amazing healing stories of the alternative healers on the Healers page. If you have your own celestial healing story to share, you can send it to Virginia (see Contact Us page).

Read what the reviewers had to say about Celestial Healing: Close Encounters that Cure

"Remarkable...Fascinating...Impossible to put down. In my practice as a psychologist and hypnotherapist for 25 years, I worked with more than 400 people who appeared to have had close encounters with extraterrestrials. In approximately 50 percent of these cases, there were healings...After completing Celestial Healing, one is left feeling that all illnesses can be healed and with the hope that one day we, too, will have the technologies that are unavailable at this time to cure diseases and save lives."
--Edith Fiore, Ph.D., author of Encounters

"Coherently, compassionately, and courageously, Virginia Aronson reviews the healing experiences of many persons, with assistance from Extraterrestrial Entities. Are these events unusual, or a sign of what we humans can learn to develop?"
--R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D., president of the Academy of Close Encounter Therapists

"Is it ETs? Mind over matter? Universal healing forces? Regardless of attempted rationalizations by experiencers, the medical 'healings' reported here in the context of ET contact are interesting and important in their own right. An understanding of them could revolutionize medicine."
--Richard Hall, former chairman, Fund for UFO Research, author of Universal Guest and Testing Reality