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Nancy Leggett

The daughter of an American diplomat, Nancy Leggett grew up in South America and Haiti. During the 1990s, Nancy worked in a major metropolitan hospital in South Florida.

At the time, Nancy was one of a small group of medical practitioners who held radical beliefs and offered radical alternatives to contemporary Western medicine. In order to work with celestial healers like Nancy, one had to be able to stretch oneself to the furthest reaches of believability.

Vibrational energy medicine is based on the recognition of unseen energy fields around the physical body and the influence of these fields on health. Illness is viewed as a manifestation of disturbances in the body's normal vibrations. Energy healers tap into the unseen energy forces to alter their clients' internal vibrations, aligning each person with a more healthy vibrational field.

Night presence

If this sounds far out, it is. Especially when one finds out that celestial healers like Nancy Leggett --and the other healers on this website--tapped into the extraterrestrial realms for the energy they utilized to help their clients heal.

Nancy believed that she was born a healer, and she knew this at an early age. As a child she had contact with ETs and other "imaginary friends," and felt at home with them. When she was in her 30s, Nancy studied Native American traditions, including full acceptance of extraterrestrial relationships as part of an overall worldview. In 1987, Nancy found other people who shared her far-out beliefs, and she began to study the healing technologies associated with the contemporary extraterrestrial research.

Nancy started working with a variety of modalities including blue light. For her first healing, she worked with a young girl who had been treated for throat cancer. When the girl returned to her doctor, the adhesions on her throat (from radiation treatments) had disappeared. Nancy continued to work with clients, sometimes in tandem with other healers.

Nancy believed that anyone who wished to be healed of an illness had to learn not to fear. "Fear sets limitations," she explained to clients. And she was careful to warn her clients about the influence of the medical system. "Medicine is a business. Usually, the spirituality of healing is just not there." In fact, Nancy's experiences in hospital settings had convinced her that people were being "railroaded like cows" into the medical system. This seemed like the wrong approach to healing illnesses.

Although Nancy was careful only to work with open-minded clients, her main efforts were focused on spreading the word about the possibility of alternative means for healing body and soul. In her work with Virginia Aronson in the mid-1990s, the seeds for what would become the book Celestial Healing were planted.

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Bev Marcotte


Born and raised in Connecticut, Bev Marcotte worked as a graphic artist and designer. In 1996, at the age of 54, she attended the Farsight Institute in Atlanta to train as a remote viewer. She then began her career as a professional viewer of forensic targets with TransDimensional Systems in Atlanta. Bev cofounded and coordinated a network of remote healers trained to do healing work at a distance.

Remote viewing or scientific remote viewing (SRV) requires training in highly structured programs that teach practitioners how to use the paraconscious mind. SRV training educates practitioners on how to record their findings in a specific, scientifically reproducible manner. SRV was developed by the U.S. military for the purpose of collection of intelligence information. The technique was based on ancient practices of indigenous peoples and their shamans or spiritual healers.

Government-trained SRV officers planned, conducted, and reported on long-distance intelligence missions accomplished completely in their own minds. The government program for "psychic spies" was established in the 1970s and may still be in operation as a top secret program. The recent film The Men Who Stare at Goats was adapted from a nonfiction book by a journalist who explored the U.S. government SRV program.

Bev Marcotte was one of a growing number of privately trained remote viewers who utilized their special skills for non-government purposes. Bev communicated with otherworldly intelligences and practiced energy healing at a distance. She had already experienced a lifetime of extraterrestrial contact and, over the years, came to realize there was some sort of beneficial exchange occurring between the human species and otherworldly visitors.

Although her own personal history included terrifying nighttime visitations and abductions in which her body was probed and and scanned, Bev believed that ETs have been interacting with humans for generations and that, in most cases, there is a positive aspect to the experience.

"The body scans, which occur on a very regular basis in the lives of most abductees, serve to keep the visitors informed regarding our health status. The medical examinations inform them about the levels of toxins in our bodies, thus tracking the amounts of pesticides and pollution in our environment... I believe they are working on our body energy as well, keeping everything in balance."

As a remote viewer, Bev received a grand overview of who we are and where we stand in the universe(s). Her training and her job involved a tremendous amount of ET contact, and remote healing utilizing extraterrestrial energies evolved into her specialty. She realized that anyone with training in remote viewing could learn how to heal others at a distance. After all, this was what the shamans had learned to do throughout history in numerous cultures around the world.

Bev used her remote viewing skills to heal others at a distance. In one enlightening instance, she worked on a woman with atherosclerosis, reducing the dangerous plaque in the client's bloodstream enough to eliminate the need for bypass surgery.

Her remote healing work brought Bev great satisfaction. She soon founded a network of remote healers and began teaching remote viewing techniques to students across the U.S. She would explain to those who came to her that we can all access higher consciousness if we so desire.

"Our bodies have been explored and explained to us by science. Our brains and minds have been mapped out by psychologists. But our subspace mind or soul remains a place of mystery. We can each choose to seek the truth of ourselves, using meditation, using remote viewing to discover a more complete picture of who we really are."

The shamans and their ancient cultures recognized and accepted the spirit within. But modern civilization has replaced the soul with science and medicine, fact and logic, all confined to the 3 dimensional plane of the here and now. Healing at a distance and inexplicable medical cures remind us of the mystery that is the human experience. Phenomena like remote healing can open our minds to the untapped energies that exist within each of us, and the potential we each have for evolving into all that we are meant to be.

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Peter Faust


In 1992, Peter Faust went public with his ET encounter experiences, and he became a leading voice for experiencers. His story was published in a bestselling book by Harvard psychiatrist John Mack, and later in a documentary film about Mack's research. During the writing of Celestial Healing, Peter was living in Boston and working as an acupuncturist and energy healer. He was 40 years old, married to a psychotherapist and fellow energy healer.

Peter's practice focused on helping his clients to self-heal using extraterrestrial energies. He believed that his long personal history of contact experiences with otherworldly beings had provided him with the ability to channel extraterrestrial energy. He did not recall being healed himself by alien life forms, except on a spiritual level. Peter regarded alien abduction experiences as being very spiritual in nature.

Of the two dozen clients Peter would see every week, 1 or 2 required specific work around their abduction experiences. In these cases, Peter would channel the extraterrestrial energy or the energy that was closest to the vibration of their extraterrestrial experiences. The procedure would feel familiar to these clients, but more gentle and safer than the sometimes frightening abduction experiences. Peter would bring the extraterrestrial energies into the healing sessions in order to help his clients relax enough to accept a foreign vibrational field.

It became clear to Peter that, whenever extraterrestrial energy was being channeled into his healing sessions, the clients would become calm. He found that "everybody that I have worked with and everybody I have known who has worked through their emotional biases has gotten to a place of positive experience with what is commonly called the abduction experience. I see abduction experience as a fear-based label. The word abduction in and of itself has a negative connotation. I would prefer to see it called, more accurately, contact and reestablishing contact."

What allowed him to do this type of healing work was his own abduction experiences. The other healers Peter trained to do this work all had to work through their own fears of extraterrestrials in order to do it. In Peter's view, celestial healers needed to be able to hold a place of neutrality for their clients. Fear only got in the way.

Peter found that his clients, when treated with extraterrestrial energies, would develop a sense of peace with their past experiences and traumas. He attributed the healing effects to adjustment in some of his clients' energy fields. By channeling the extraterrestrials' vibrations in a very specific manner, Peter believed he was helping clients to encode the vibration. He used his healing technique on people who were having troubles dealing with memories of alien contact, and on people who had no conscious memories of such experiences.

In retrospect, Peter felt that he himself had become an entirely different person than the man he had been before he recalled his own history of extraterrestrial contact. When he first admitted to his experiences, he was afraid of losing everything: the love of his friends and family, his wife, his job, his sanity. Coming to terms with his own relationship to extraterrestrial entities convinced Peter that confronting the fear was healthy and liberating. He realized that there was more to life than a house in the suburbs and money in the bank. He was able to understand the enormity of our universe and to appreciate life on a much deeper level. It was this change in perspective that inspired Peter to choose a life path on which he could help others to heal themselves energetically and, in the process, expand their own level of consciousness.

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Ingrid Parnell

Born and raised in Trinidad, Ingrid Parnell moved to the U.S. in 1978 and became a citizen in 1984. When Celestial Healing was in press, she was working as a secretary in a medical office. She was 65 years old and a grandmother.

Due in large part to her childhood in the islands, where peoples of all nationalities lived together, Ingrid had always been tolerant and accepting of other races and creeds. She felt very attuned to the earth and all of its animals, plants and people. As an adult, she had found herself drawn to Native American traditions and healing work. She studied hypnotherapy and hands-on healing techniques.

Ingrid realized that healing work was something she needed to do. She trusted the work, and opened herself up to wherever the experience would take her. Over time, she found that her clients also needed to have faith in the unseen, the healing life forces, and a universal energy that is inexplicable and powerful. Ultimately, the aim of Ingrid's healing work was to help her clients to heal themselves.

"Whoever comes to you for healing has to have the faith that what you're bringing to them is not something that will harm them, but is something they may need. And it doesn't matter whether it's physical, mental, or spiritual. This type of healing work is a very beautiful experience. Every time I do it, I feel as if I myself receive a lot from it."


Her work with extraterrestrial energies began after she experienced contact herself. In the early 1990s, she was alone in her bedroom reading a book when a presence appeared beside her. The unearthly being pressed a crystal to her right temple and drew it down the side of her face until something gushed from her nose. There was a feeling of relief, and to Ingrid it felt as if some heavy liquid had issued from her brain.

Oddly, she had not felt any fear during her strange experience. And afterward, Ingrid thought that a kind of blockage might have been removed from her brain in order that she might be able to see life differently. She soon noticed that her healing work improved significantly, while her intuitive abilities and sense of inner strength became much more developed.

Ingrid would instruct her clients on how to visualize healing energies in order to rejuvenate the body. She especially enjoyed teaching children how to visualize healing energy and move it around inside their bodies. According to Ingrid, kids loved her visualization and self-healing techniques. For them, the work was fun.

Children tend to have an open mind toward the unknown. After all, there is so much they don't know about yet. So it's easier for them to accept the bigger truths. Like the fact that we know very little about nature and nothing about the non-earthly plane. And the fact that there may be much more to the universe(s) than humankind will ever understand.

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David Miller

Black and White Trees

A resident of Prescott, Arizona, David Miller was 52 when interviewed for the Celestial Healing project. He worked as a trance medium, a conscious channeler who channeled celestial beings, often for healing purposes. He had created a meditation study involving 40 people from around the world who would regularly meditate at the same time. Sometimes members of David's "Group of 40" would experience physical, medical, or emotional healings.

David began channeling spontaneously during a camping trip with his wife at the Grand Canyon. He had been studying Jewish mysticism and had long had an active interest in metaphysics. At first, he channeled a rabbi teacher, but then David began to channel extradimensional entities.

It was his understanding that such entities were attempting to help humans by assisting us to alter our energetic fields. These changes, David believed, were healing in nature. According to the entities David channeled, exposure to extradimensional vibrational energy during meditation could result in bodily changes that were beneficial to mental, physical and spiritual health. Over time, David learned how to use sounds and tones during his channeling sessions as he welcomed healing energies from the other realms.

During a group channeling session, one woman discovered that her skin had been burned. The energy generated during the channeling session had actually produced blisters on the backs of each of her legs. Later, the woman wrote to tell David that her burns healed quickly without any scarring.

David's work philosophy was that, as a channeler, he served as an instrument. He was the agent, the implement by which a higher vibrational energy might travel from elsewhere to here, from the other world into his clients. He did not attempt to control the extradimensional energy, but worked to stay out of the way while allowing it to move through him.

Another client was suffering from Bell's Palsy, a neurological disorder with paralysis of the facial muscles. A few weeks after a channeling session, the 41-year-old woman experienced a near complete recovery. David said, "Now this raises the issue of whether she had the recovery because she felt that something had happened during our session, or whether she was going to recover anyway. You can't go through a list of all the possibilities. But it doesn't matter to her."

After all, healing is the ultimate goal. If recovery occurs simply because of a patient's belief system, the desired outcome has still been achieved.

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