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Healings: Update 2010

Lynne Plaskett

Lynne is currently the Vice Mayor for the city of New Smyrna Beach, Florida. She was first elected in 2003 to the City Commission, and is now serving her second term.

Lynne still works on issues of growth management in Volusia county, and she continues to speak for responsible development. She devotes time to a number of community organizations including Habitat for Humanity, the Salvation Army, the Council on Aging, and the Department of the Interior.

Remember the doctor who told Lynne she could never have children? Lynne's four sons and two daughters are adults now, and she has four grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

John Hunter Gray

John Hunter Gray now uses the name Hunter Bear. He sent the following update for 2010.

Now 76 years old and technically "retired," I am a very long term social justice community organizer over several decades and many ethnicities (and, frankly, an effective one) and a well experienced college and university professor, popular with virtually all of the students with whom I've worked. I am one-half Native American (Mi'kmaq / St. Francis Abenaki / St. Regis Mohawk) and one-half Anglo. My identity commitment lies essentially on the Native side and my principal areas of organizing focus involve Native rights, civil rights and civil liberties, and union labor. I and my wife, Eldri, presently reside on the far upper edge of Pocatello, Idaho -- with very high hills and wilderness almost immediately adjacent.

Naturally tough and boosted by consistently friendly ET experiences -- especially those in 1988 and 1997 -- I began what became several years of very early morning, usually pre-dawn, daily hiking in the high hills just above us. These treks were between five and six miles over extremely rugged country. I was in peak condition.

But then, early in 2003, I became conscious of slight fatigue which slowly increased. Within a few weeks, I was too ill to hike. Assuming this would pass, I followed my usual course of seeing no doctors, and simply waited. The mysterious illness continued but then appeared to wane somewhat. On the possibility that my hiking might have led to tick-induced Lyme Disease, I went to a clinic.

At that point, a nightmare began. Blood tests indicated an odd version of profound anemia. Ruling out Lyme Disease on the basis that, theoretically, there are few such ticks in Idaho, the initial physicians decided I had cancer. A colonoscopy was ordered but, in the context of severe anemia, I suffered two cardiac arrests. The colonoscopy produced nothing but its botched nature brought my resistance close to Zero. And that was the first of what became three extremely close brushes with death, stemming from medical malfunctions, within a period of three months -- even after this malady was accurately diagnosed as Systemic Lupus (SLE), a relatively rare genetic disease. SLE has a special, predatory preference for Native Americans, Blacks, Chicanos, some Asian groups and women in general. It has no cure and is frequently lethal. In retrospect, it's clear that I had had earlier, moderate brushes of this at various points in my life, but I'd ignored those and they had faded.

Some medics gave me up for early death. One asked Eldri -- while I lay in coma -- how she felt about my just slipping away. And Eldri said, with uncharacteristic vehemence, "Never!" Another doctor strongly advised me to divest myself of my possessions ASAP. I had Last Rites from the Roman Catholic Church.

But I am inherently tough -- and I refused to die. And I also had the positive forces generated by The Things Unseen.

By this time, a new physician -- early on, my primary doc -- was entering the situation. A young Mormon and medically conservative, he was interested in my friendly ET encounter experiences and entered those into my medical record, remarking that all of the positive ET encounter changes I'd noted were consistent with human growth hormone, something of which I'd heard but had never seen nor used. I was opposed to taking any chemo drugs and he supported this. Gradually, matters began to improve. As early as late 2004, I was doing some limited hiking. By 2008 and 2009, things were much, much better

And now, in 2010, it's obvious that I'm in what will be, hopefully, a very long-term remission. Internal organs are OK and my natural healing abilities are "toning me up" very nicely. My physician feels that a visit once a year will suffice, with perhaps a blood test or two in between.

And as this seven year war has proceeded, the positive physical changes engendered by our 1988 ET encounter have been openly resurfacing. One, fast clotting blood following cuts and scratches and healing within hours, was obvious as early as 2005, and the others (for example, fast growing finger/toe nails, and darker hair) have come later. By now, most of those many positive changes are back and I'm certain the others will follow soon. I'll be doing full trekking in the Hills.

One change just kept on pretty consistently through this: In 1989, a year or so after the '88 encounter, my feet had slowly began to grow from size 12-D to size 13-D, where they remained for a while. By 2004, my feet had grown to size 16 and, in 2005, came close to size 17. Then, at least for the time being, they stopped growing -- with my left foot a size 17 and the right one nearly so.

Through all of this, my mind has remained very clear and unfettered. Somewhat physically inhibited, but mastering computer technology, I began doing a great deal of published writing (and also some public speaking) on a wide variety of social justice topics. This includes Systemic Lupus which, with its preference for "minority people" and women, strikes me as a very real civil rights issue urgently crying out for adequate research monies.

And I've continued my writing on ET encounters. We consistently see these as friendly, and designed to help people Keep On Keeping On. And we also see them as a long-range educational and sensitization endeavor, designed to acquaint Humanity with the nearby presence of friendly neighbors in the vast creation. I continue to say, "No intelligent life is alien to me."

I was greatly honored in 2005 with the Elder Achievement Award from Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers.

And through all of these decades, I have always had the support of my fine family and a rich array of friends.

And I have also had my Native medicine pouch with its sacrosanct materials. And, always and forever, I have my unwavering belief in the multi-faced good and positive forces generated by The Things Unseen.

He sent a further update in 2013:

My annual medical ritual has now come and gone -- and all remains just fine. No active Lupus and everything else quite OK. Five vials of blood were taken from me several days ago -- and the doc's wrap-up words were "Enjoy life." He also said, "Exercise and drink more water, and come back in a year."

The background of this now ten year experience with relatively rare and frequently lethal "full blown" Systemic Lupus, which hit almost every part of me but did spare my brain, is too well known to reiterate in any detail. But it is worth mentioning that, at the outset in 2003, almost all medics saw little or no survival hope for me. The physician who assessed my situation in the middle of that early most dismal period -- a devout young Mormon -- joined me in my commitment not to pass into the spirit world any time soon and, while committed to western medicine, he also joined me in recognizing the great importance of appropriate diet, the extremely positive influence of family and friends, and the assistance of various forces best summed up here as "things unseen."

In 2009, the Lupus was -- quite unexpectedly -- ebbing. In 2010, it was, for all practical purposes, gone. In 2011, we could definitely report "no active Lupus." We could reiterate that in 2012, and can state it now.

This turn of events, given the great severity of my case, has surprised almost everyone.

Several things are worth a brief mention:

I refused all chemo drugs at every point -- and this has turned out to be a wise decision. Increasing, however slowly, is a build-up of data indicating some SLE cases where chemo meds are involved have produced lymphoma.

The new and initially much heralded Lupus med -- Benlysta -- has turned out to be disappointing. In addition to its astronomical cost, it is far from universally effective and generates many negative side effects. So there remains no cure for Lupus and, given its genetic base, there may never be one.

The Lupus cause desperately needs much more research monies. Given its predatory preference for men and women who are Native American, African American, Chicano and in certain other "minority groups" -- and for women in general -- it can certainly be seen as a bona fide civil rights issue.

In the very early period, one of the dozen docs then involved asked me if I drank alcohol or smoked. I could say piously that I didn't do either. With a straight face, he then asked, "Just what do you do for fun?" Then he grinned. That was refreshing. I did, of course, return to tobacco smoking via pipe a couple of years after that, but my abstention from any alcohol -- that very long standing indeed -- continues.

We have our own large and extended family. All great folks -- but, of course, there are always very conventional and mundane domestic challenges. Early in the dismal period, now almost a decade ago, my wife Eldri looked at me earnestly and said, "Please, please don't go away and leave me with this." Now that for sure was a powerfully good, and very sincere, card to play.

I continue to give any assistance I can to other SLE victims scattered about the country.

There is absolutely no need for anyone to acknowledge this message. I underscore this. Your continuing good thoughts, always important, are quite sufficient -- and very much appreciated.

Solidarity/Keep fighting.


Abenaki/St. Regis Mohawk
Protected by Na'shdo'i'ba'i'
and Ohkwari'

Connie Isele

A psychotherapist with her own counseling practice, Connie is based in Woodland Park, Colorado. Wellsprings, her counseling service, assists individuals, families and groups going through difficult life transitions.

Connie works with clients facing major life challenges and dealing with the issues associated with trauma, grief, abuse, illness and injury, cancer, divorce, personal loss and personal growth. Connie's own challenging experiences--the cancer diagnosis, her near-fatal car accident, all of the unexplained ET phenomena in her life--inform her work, adding a deep spiritual dimension and imparting a greater understanding of what it means to be human.

You can visit Connie at her website: www.wellspringsllc.com.