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Healers: Update 2010

Nancy Leggett

Nancy Leggett continues to work as a healer using advanced and ET technologies. Clients find her by word of mouth, and they come from all over the world. She is a distributor for Monatomic Gold and other minerals, and teaches her clients how to use these products in order to increase their energies to transformative levels.

Nancy says about Celestial Healing: Close Encounters that Cure, "This is the little book that wouldn't die. People all over the world have read this little book. And people are still buying it."

Nancy lives in Miami and can be reached by phone (305.220.6819) or by email: etvet40@comcast.net.

Bev Marcotte

Bev Marcotte now lives in South Carolina. She sent the following update for 2010.

In January of 2000, I was living near Wright Patterson Air Force Base where my husband worked. They did not like anyone remote viewing. One by one, everyone who was remote viewing "disappeared" into the background and the SRV schools closed down.

My marriage was not working out, so I headed to St. Petersburg, Florida, where one of my sisters lives. I met the love of my life at a New Year's Eve party the following year. We married and moved to South Carolina. I stopped practicing remote viewing.

This year I have returned to distance healing and hands-on energy work. A recent experience with distance healing illustrates why I believe in this incredible form of energy work.

One evening, my husband and I were sitting in our living room with another couple. We had returned from dinner out and were having an after-dinner drink. We got on the subject of eyes and eyesight.

"I have an unusual problem with my eyes, though I've gotten used to it," said our friend Taylor, peeking over the top of his thick glasses for emphasis. "I can't see the color blue."

"Really," I said. I could not comprehend what a world without blue would be like. I tried to imagine it, but couldn't.

"Several years ago," he explained, "I was put on some very strong antibiotics and the result was the creation of scar tissue on my optic nerves."

That is one of the most unusual physical anomalies I've ever heard of, I thought. Taylor and his wife Sue were aware that I did remote healing, so they weren't put off when I offered to help him. "I can't promise you anything," I said, "but I could try remote healing your eyes. The price is right and there are no side effects."

"Sure, why not," said Taylor. Then the subject changed and we finished our drinks. They left soon after for their home nearby.

The next afternoon, I sat in the living room with my eyes closed and said Taylor's name out loud. Then I "went" to Taylor, visualizing him in his entirety, standing before me. This is called "focused intention," and involves entering an altered state to view with good healing intention, unconditional love and acceptance of what is observed.

I looked at his optic nerves and found they each had a fine rough texture and were not as linear as they should have been. What created the odd slightly bumpy texture was scar tissue.

Guided by what I call Spirit, I gently massaged the rough spots on the optic nerves with very fine natural oil. It makes absolutely no difference whether the oil exists or has a name. A healer working with Spirit is the creative spiritual aspect of a human, able to produce whatever is needed to heal.

Taylor called the next morning. "I opened my eyes and saw the box of tissues next to the bed. It's blue!" he exclaimed, laughing. "Then I put my bathrobe on and went outside. The sky is blue!"

This sophisticated older man sounded like a happy little boy. I could tell he was about to let loose a few tears. Suddenly, my own eyes welled up.

"Thank you, thank you," Taylor said softly.

I'm still amazed each time I do a remote healing. It really works. And it never gets old. All I do is pay a visit, look things over, and let Spirit drive.

Sometimes when I've been doing remote healing work, I've found out that I'm not the only one tuned in at the client's location. Sometimes there's been someone "extra" present.

The first time I noticed someone else "in the room" during a healing session was when my grandson, a six month old baby, was hospitalized after being diagnosed with two forms of leukemia, one with a zero percent survival rate. I had been "visiting" him twice a day while conducting remote healing sessions with three other distance healers.

Chemo treatments left my grandson looking lifeless, his white cell count diminished by the strong drugs. Distance healing by a team of four changed that. On days when he received chemo, we would work on bringing his white cell count back up again before the end of the day. We also worked on healing the burning of his internal organs from the harsh treatments. When the lab reported that the site of the leukemia cell production was located in his left femur, we worked to shut that down permanently.

One afternoon, when I "entered" my grandson's hospital space in a remote healing session, I noticed someone by the bed. I knew right away that it wasn't human, but it was hard to tell whether it was male or female. About three to three and a half feet tall, the entity was a dense white with a pink tinge to its skin. A ruffled collar of flesh encircled its neck.

I approached quietly. It did not seem dangerous.

It suddenly turned to me. "Not to wake the baby," it said. I was surprised to see that the entity was beautiful, with warm dark eyes and a soft manner.

I said, "I'm not here to wake him. He's my grandson. I'm here to work on his healing." We stood side by side, each doing our own healing work.

A few weeks later, a doctor from the hospital called me. He sounded upset and angry. "What are you doing?" he inquired.

I didn't want to go into detail, so I said, "I'm praying for my grandson. My friends are praying for him, too." The doctor had nothing to say to that, so he mumbled a goodbye. That was the extent of our conversation.

The next day my daughter called with good news. I called the other healers to tell them that once again we had raised my grandson's white blood cell count.

After eight months, my daughter and her husband made the decision to end the chemo treatment. They were warned by the hospital doctors and staff they would be sorry if the baby died because of their decision.

Today, my grandson is a normal, healthy eleven year old.

Sometimes celestial healers work together to heal one another. This was the situation when a friend and fellow distance healer called me upon receiving a hernia diagnosis.

"I just got home from my doctor's appointment. It's an inguinal hernia," Bill told me over the phone.

Bill had been having groin area pain for about a week. We had talked about doing distance healing on him so he could avoid surgery. Now that he had a physician's diagnosis, we set up the time for a healing session.

Distance healers don't always require a professional diagnosis in order to heal someone since healing guidance comes from Spirit, but we wanted to go by the book. Timing is not that important either, but we both wanted to observe at the healing session in order to determine whether we had the same experience. We both had the sense that another presence would be making itself known at the healing session.

At the designated time, I meditated until I found myself in Bill's home. I saw him lying on a table. There was a strong warm light source nearby. One of the otherworldly beings I call Golden Ones (GOs) was standing across the table from me. The GOs are a species I came across a couple of years after my consciousness opened to other life forms. I was no longer surprised when they showed up occasionally at some of my healing sessions. Other distance healers, including a healer from Spain, had informed me of similar experiences with these beings.

Sometimes the GOs have suggested the use of colors, different kinds of energy, or various other methods for healing. They have provided me with visualizations and information for creating tools with my thoughts. This time was a bit different. The Golden One handed me what looked like a double-barreled shotgun on a smaller scale, perhaps six to eight inches in length. The silver barrels were well under an inch in diameter, attached to a matching pair of black triggers.

"The left barrel uses a laser light to incise the skin," the GO said. He seemed familiar, as if I had met him before. "The beam is narrower than that of a surgical knife blade. Make a four inch diagonal incision, using the left trigger. Move the laser on an angle across the muscles in the groin area," he said, pointing to Bill's affected area.

I did as he asked, carefully, taking my time. Inside the incision I could see a small tear but no extrusion of tissue, a good sign. The hernia tear was about an inch long.

"Now use the right trigger to activate the right barrel, and close the herniated wound. This will fuse the tissue edges together at a microscopic cellular level," my guide advised, and I did exactly that. It was amazing to watch the tissue close up.

Next, the Golden One told me to put a small, square, webbed energy patch over the area. It looked something like a gauze patch, but stronger and slightly thicker. The purpose of this addition was to continue cellular level healing once the incision was closed. "Use the right side trigger again," my guide said, "to close the top layer of skin." As I worked, I could see dermal tissue melding the edge of the incision, seamlessly melting away any sign of surgery.

When I spoke to Bill the next day, he said he felt fine and was no longer suffering any pain in the groin area. He told me that he had actually requested the presence of a GO at his healing. Bill said that he had felt my presence and that of the GO the night before. He knew we were both working to heal him.

Peter Faust

Peter continues to work as an acupuncturist. His practice, Healing Arts of Belmont, is located in Belmont, Massachusetts.

In 2001, Peter earned his Master of Acupuncture degree, specializing in both Chinese and Japanese acupuncture. He has undergone specialty training in pediatrics, geriatrics, sports medicine, substance abuse, and fertility. He employs herbal medicine, massage, and energy healing techniques to facilitate healing. In his practice as a healer, Peter continues to help people integrate their contact experiences.

You can visit him on his website: www.peterfaust.com.

Ingrid Parnell

Ingrid Parnell continues to practice her healing work from her home in Miami. She offers her clients distance and hands-on energy healing treatments. She is one of the original members of the worldwide meditation Group of Forty. Ingrid is also an active member of the "Grandmothers' Group," a healing circle inspired by the book A Call to Power: The Grandmothers Speak by Sharon McErlane.

According to A Call to Power, our global crises are symptoms of massive imbalance caused by too much yang, the principle of masculine energy, and not enough yin, the principle of feminine energy. The Great Council of the Grandmothers appeared to McErlane one morning as she walked her dog on the beach. These female celestial beings spoke to her and their message was life-altering. She became the Grandmothers' student and, through her book, she has conveyed their message to her readers, asking us to take part in the sacred evolution of our planet. Some readers have formed Grandmothers' Groups in order to work together to heal our planetary imbalances.

Ingrid believes in the power of positive thinking, living, and loving. She takes her own life in stride, not worrying too much, remaining peaceful inside her body and mind. This approach helps her clients to find the tranquility they need in times of distress. "At this time, we are all being pushed to be in our truth, to be our authentic selves," Ingrid says. "This can cause tremendous change, but may also bring immense peace as the soul surrenders to inner guidance. We are able to teach by example and, in this way, help others to ignite the loving power and childlike joy that lives within us."

For years after Celestial Healing was published, Ingrid received letters from readers asking about her healing techniques. "Readers asked me if love was truly the answer," Ingrid says now. "And I wrote back to each of them to say, yes, love IS the answer."

You can email Ingrid at: bobing@bellsouth.net.

David Miller

David is still the facilitator of the Group of Forty, which now has 1200 members from around the world. Since the late 1990s, he has published numerous articles and 6 books.

David still lives in Prescott, Arizona, where he continues to work as a channeler of extradimensional energies. He also travels around the world to conduct workshops and give lectures on multidimensional energies and personal and planetary healing. This year, David has visited or will visit the following countries: Belgium, Germany, Spain, Australia, and possibly Brazil.

David is available for private healing sessions conducted by phone. Visit him on his website: www.groupofforty.com.